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Jungle Views at 25Hours Bikini Berlin

21. October 2018

Many of you might know already, that I am often super spontaneous. In the first moment, I decide to spend the next days at another place and in the second moment, I already book tickets. Last weekend it was the same again and I asked my girlfriend if she would be able to come back from work in the next hours and pack the luggage directly. No sooner said than done. We met 2 hours later at the central station and took the train to my favourite city of Germany: Berlin.


25Hours Hotels

3 hours later, we were inally in Berlin, where it was super cold and already dark. Therefore, we decided to go directly to our hotel at the KuDamm of Berlin: the boutique hotel 25Hours Bikini Berlin. 25Hours is a German hotel chain, not only located in Berlin, but also in Wien, Frankfurt and other cities. Each of them is furnished individual and with a link to its surrounding. We already joined nights in both hotels in Frankfurt: (in those days) 25Hours tailored by Levi`s, which was furnished by Levis and where you had found all the great denim in each room; and 25Hours The Goldman, where you can find the histories of personalities, who changed the world with its ideas and conversions.


Credits to Stephan Lemke

25Hours Bikini Berlin

Their philosophy `Come as you are.’ is visible in each hotel, so also in Berlin. Located in the middle of the hub in West-Berlin, you can have an overview about the famous zoo of Berlin. The hotel is directly next to the zoological garden and standing in our room, we could observe the monkey compound. Therefore, the whole hotel is designed in a jungle style and elements of zoo animals are to discover everywhere. In our room, we had for example a hammock at the big window, where a cute monkey wanted to sway with us. The Jungle Sauna has a view to the monkeys and elephants at the zoo. The bar in the 8th floor is called Monkey Bar and is super popular in Berlin (btw, when you are guest of the hotel, you do not have to wait hours to get in). And, the restaurant `NENI´ on the roof top is designed in jungle flair with lianas all around.

Out hotel room with its great view.

Morning cuddle with monkey.

Credits to Stephan Lemke

Credits to Stephan Lemke

Jungle Sauna; Credits to Stephan Lemke

NENI Berlin view

Monkey Bar; Credits to Stephan Lemke

Roof Top; Credits to Stephan Lemke

NENI Berlin in Jungle Design; Credits to Stephan Lemke

Around the hotel

What is around? The hotel is perfectly located and you can find everything needed around. Next to the hotel, you find the hip shopping mall at Bikini Berlin, the first concept shopping mall worldwide with superb stores and great events. Aside, you can find a theatre, bars, cafes and the KuDamm with all its stores and tourist features.  We discovered all the great places at the first day and we were super happy to get back in this amazing hotel to relax. The next day, we rent bikes at the lobby after we had one of our best breakfasts at NENI (try the banana bread!). With the bikes, we had another unforgettable day in Berlin and we discovered Charlottenburg with its castle and the Grunewald.

Room Number.

Bikini Berlin, view from Monkey bar.

Bike rent; Credits to Stephan Lemke

We highly recommend the 25Hours Bikini Berlin hotel due to its perfect location, the unique interior and the exquisite food of NENI Berlin. Thanks for this accommodation and see you soon!

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