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Christmas Roadtrip with ZeroTouch by Logitech

17. December 2016

In the pre-Christmas time we got an inquiry from Logitech, with whom we already cooperated in the past via Ultimate Ears. They launched a new product, called Logi ZeroTouch, which is an intelligent mobile phone holder for cars, combined with an app with Alexa.

ZEROTOUCH: Your hands-free, in-car connectivity solution to your digital world.
HANDS-FREE: Text, Calling, Chat, Music, Navigation, Email, Calender and Alexa.
JUST ASK ALEXA: High-five to activate your phone, then speak to Alexa as you normally would. Logi ZeroTouch supports all Alexa skills except music and Alexa calling and messaging.

We were invited to put the Logi ZeroTouch through their paces during a road trip with the story of #cominghomeforchristmas. Because we are based in the North of Germany we booked directly a flight to Munich, which is the biggest city of the South.  We wanted to start our road trip there with driving every day some kilometres toward home.


Our Route



When arriving at the airport in Munich we directly picked up our SUV for the road trip: the new Volkswagen Tiguan, with WIFI of course. This car is just perfect to discover the Bavarian Alps and it has so much space for all the camera equipment. We drove directly to our first hotel, the amazing design Bold Hotel in the city center , where we planned our route for the next days. Because Munich is always a good idea to stroll around, we spend some hours in the pretty capitol of Bavaria, with visits of the Hofbräuhaus, Marienplatz and Residenz.

Before we left Munich to discover the Bavarian Alps, we installed the Logi ZeroTouch app and clipped the holding in our Tiguan, which was super easy to handle. We also made ourselves familiar with the function and were already some minutes later able to navigate, to change songs at Spotify, to send messages via WhatsApp and many more.
The day was great and very sunny. We drove early in the morning towards Zugspitze, which is the highest mountain of Germany. The Zugspitze was already full of snow and we took the oldest gear-wheel-train of Germany to go to the top. From there we had an amazing view over the Alps and also to the Alpsee, which is located close to the Zugspitze. We also had a walk around the Alpsee, where some places were full of snow and ice, others with sun and still green grass. Because the nature was just amazing we had some shootings and used therefore our new HUAWEI P9 plus, with its lens by Leica.

In the Allgäu we stayed in a very Allgäu-typical hotel and we woke up with a fantastic view to the lake. We typed in our new destination and our Logi ZeroTouch found out after seconds that there is a castle only some kilometres away: the famous fairy-tale castle Neuschwanstein, known as ‘the Disney castle’ because its pompous look, like arising from a movie. We climbed the mountain first, but after some minutes we decided to use the horse carriage, together with old American tourists. From the rope bridge you have the best view to the castle and a spot from our bucket list was done.

#SWABIA Stuttgart & Heidelberg
Because it was Christmas time we always visited every Christmas market on our way back home. One of the best was definitely the huge one in Stuttgart at the market square, where we joined a whole evening just to stroll around, buying some Christmas gifts, eating roasted almonds and drinking Glüwein of course. A choir was singing and the vibe was very magically. Another to-do was shopping in the Breuninger, one of the famous and oldest department store in Germany. There, we found also some perfect gifts for Christmas.
At the next day we wanted to leave Stuttgart but it was a horrible start in the day: hard raining and snowing, still dark, traffic and some car crashes because of sleekness. We stocked up, but because of Logi ZeroTouch we had a lot of fun skipping our playlist to 90’s song singing and coming in a better mood.
3 hours later we arrived at the beautiful city Heidelberg.  Some strolls around the cute little shops and houses of old Heidelberg, next to the river Neckar, were committed. Also the castle of Heidelberg, which is very special and has the best view to the city, should be visited by everyone.
We stayed the night at one of the apartments of Cubic Hotel, located in an old building very closed to the centre of the town.

We changed our navigation with the Logi ZeroTouch function to our home address. Just saying ‘back home’ changed it directly. On our way back home we stopped in Münster, another great student town with a beautiful old city centre and we enjoyed our last hours on the Christmas market.

It was a pleasure to test the Logi ZeroTouch during our road trip #cominghomeforchristmas through Germany and it was a great enrichment on our journey. It is so easy to handle and it makes fun to discover more options. We are already planning our next road trip and we won’t miss the ZeroTouch by Logitech.

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