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With the FERRARI California T through Tuscany

11. February 2018

First time in Italy and then directly invited by FERRARI- what an honour! During the wine harvest time in Tuscany we had an organised road trip by FERRARI with their new California T. Read more about our other raod trip adventure here. In three days we drove to the must-visit-places around Tuscany and we enjoyed the best wines at great places like the Antinori winery.


We spent our first day in Florence, the capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany. The best-known site of Florence is the domed cathedral of the city, Santa Maria del Fiore, known as The Duomo in the special colours white-black. We had a walk from the train station, through the old city centre to the world-famous Ponte Vecchio, which spans the Arno river. Btw, we had our most expensive but also one of the best ice-creams ever in Florence…

Castel Monastero Resort & Spa

In the evening we went to our hotel: Castel Monastero Resort & Spa. This romantic hotel is located in the countryside of Tuscany and is a former monastery of the 11th century. We had directly some Spa time and swam during the sunset time in the swimming pool. Whilst a technical briefing of FERRARI, we got to know the other journalists from France, Japan and Great Britain. Then we went altogether to Bottega del 30, a Michelin star awarded restaurant, were we had a 8-course dinner and delicious wine.

First drive with our Ferrari California T

In the morning we had the handover of the cars and departed in a convoy from the hotel. The weather was amazing and we enjoyed the great possibility to drive the Ferrari California T through the unforgettable landscape of Tuscany. We had a coffee break and visit to `La Ferdinanda´ Medici Villa, also known as the villa of the 100 chimneys due to the numerous chimneys that make it unique.

Later we had an exclusive wine tasting, visit and lunch at the Antinori winery. The winery represents the Antinory family’s love and passion for the Chianti Classico hillsides and reflects the centuries-old bond with their ancestral territory. To get an inside of the manufacturing from the harvest to the wine experience was great!


And because we had not enough wine, we went in the evening with shuttles (we did not drive the FERRARI of course) to the heart of Siena for the `white night´ gourmet dinner. The really enjoyed the city by night and had lots of fun with the others.

Archabbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore

In the next day we changed the cars among each other and we drove the FERRARI California T in blue colour, instead of read. Together in a parade we became acquainted with the city centre of Asciano, where the people were so excited to see the new FERRARI California T that they even wanted to take pictures with us…

Then we visited the Archabbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore. It was built by Bernando Tolomei of Siena (1272-1348) and to this day it is the monastery that is referred to the Benedictine Congregation of Saint Mary of Monte Oliveto.

Montalcino & Pienza

We had this day lunch in the heart of Montalcino, a hill town and comune in Tuscany. It is famous for its Brunello di Montalcino wine. Later we were even more impressed by Pienza, a town in the province of Siena, in the Val d’Orcia in Tuscany, between the towns of Montepulciano and Montalcino, is the “touchstone of Renaissance urbanism.” In 1996, UNESCO declared the town a World Heritage Site, and in 2004 the entire valley, the Val d’Orcia, was included on the list of UNESCO’s World Cultural Landscapes.

We ended up the great road trip time in Tuscany altogether during a Tuscany Convivial Dinner at the restaurant of the hotel `La Cantina´. This delightful restaurant served Tuscan cuisine and is located in the medieval wine cellars od Castel Monastero, where the estate`s Chianti has rested for centuries.


Thank you Ferrari, to drive the California T during this special wine harvest season through Tuscany. We will never forget this amazing road trip!

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