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In the middle of Groningen : Hotel Miss Blanche

24. August 2018

Road trip through Groningen

Whenever we have some free time, we love to take long weekend trips to cities, which are not that far away. Normally we prefer London, Paris or Amsterdam because these cities are one of our favourite’s and easy accessible with the plain. This time we decided us for a road trip through the northern part of the Netherlands- the providence Groningen with its amazing student city Groningen. We explored amongst others the seaside with Zoutkamp, the lovely ancient village Bourtange and other manor houses on the countryside. In the city Groningen, we strolled around and had an amazing time in different stores and locations. For all hotspots and tips, check our latest blogpost here.

Accommodation during our road trip

Because the providence of Groningen is not that sweeping, it was the best option to stay in Groningen city and starting the day from there. Groningen is one of our favourite cities and we are always happy to spend time in this wonderful, vivid place. Especially the vibe of the student life makes us feel like a student again. Maybe you know already from my latest blog post, that my girlfriend studied there and is therefore a huge fan of the language, culture and parties. And where you can better enjoy this life as in a hotel directly in the city centre!?

View from Hotel Miss Blanche

Hotel Miss Blanche

This time we stayed at the Suites and Apartments Hotel Miss Blanche, which is located directly in the city centre and next to our favourite town canal ‘A’. You can sit during the day at the town canal to observe the cyclists, the boat traffic and happy people with a glass of wine. Hotel Miss Blanche is not only located in one building, but altogether in eight hidden buildings behind historic facades. All of them look super Dutch, either ancient because they are historic national monuments from the 20th century or super modern.

The mix of old and new is visible not only in the facades but is to see through the whole interior. Every suite or apartment is individually styled. You find everywhere special décor from designers all over the world. The style is luxury, exclusive and in every room is a deluxe bathroom with products by Molton Brown. The rooms are intended for shorter or longer stay, so perfect for our weekend trip.

Kusmi Tea Time

Morning View

Our Home

Welcoming Area


Kitchen Style

Another lovely suite

Balcony goals

Living the Life



Our apartment for two persons had a super modern kitchen with a coffee machine. This is very important for our mornings. However, the tea selection by Kusmi is also delicious. Because of the multiplicity in the kitchen, we decided an evening to cook by ourselves. Therefore we had a great meal at the wooden table with lots of candles…

Next to a huge, cosy bed with a perfect view to the town canal, the living area is also very nice. We especially felt in love with the amazing carpet. We used the carpet directly for several #fromwhereistand`s.

Golden details

Coffe break

Bakkerij Blanche

Guests of Hotel Blanche are welcome at the Blanche Bakery, which is located just 2 min by feet, to have their breakfast. This bakery has one of the best fresh breads in town. Really- the bread smells sooo good and it tastes even better! Every morning, we were filled with happiness to join the breakfast with bread, eggs and fruit bowls in this bakery. During the day we also joined the Café de Sigaar and the bar De Uurwerker.

Bakkerij Blanche

Fruity breakfast


Bakkrij Blanche

It was not only a perfect stay for us because the apartment was welcoming and luxury. Also the staff was always super friendly. Thank you very much, Hotel Miss Blanche, for having us in your great accommodation!

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