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In neighborhood of the queen: The Nadler Victoria Hotel London

13. December 2018

Arrival at The Nadler Victoria Hotel

We left the underground at Green Park station and had a sunny walk through the Park. On a Sunday, quiet a lot visitors stroll around, enjoying the day off with their family in the little nature of London. The walk ends up in front of Buckingham Palace, where even more people are standing, waiting for the famous changing of the guard or just taking pictures. Just around the corner, two streets behind, The Nadler Victoria Hotel is located. When you enter the street, no noisy tourists are around and you are at once in a calm atmosphere.

Stylish design at The Nadler Victoria Hotel

The Nadler Victoria Hotel has 73 stylish rooms and the interior is classy and plain. The hotel has a wide range of different rooms, from single via king to deluxe. Our luxury pocket-sprung bed was super cosy and we had a deep sleep, no noises from the busy London life around. The spacious bathroom had an oversized shower and the cosmetic products of the brand XXX were super enjoyable to use.

The vivid London life around

The hotel is located in the famous district Westminster and also Belgravia is just some streets away. Take a stroll around and discover the surroundings. Be a tourist, and go to Buckingham Palace and walk around Green Park or St. James Park.  Be a local, and dine in the great restaurants nearby. Local partners of The Nadler Victoria hotel are amongst others Bonde Daddles Nova, Aster, Timmy Green, GBR Great Britain Restaurant, UNI, Royal Quarter Café or The Stoke House. When you are interested in cabaret, music, music theatre or comedy, you can just cross the road. At The Other Palace Theatre, you can enjoy your evening and in addition, you get 25% off at the bar.

Waking up in The Nadler Victoria Hotel

A knocking was waking us up in the morning and a super friendly employee of the hotel brought us our breakfast. We had to order it the night before, because the hotel has no breakfast room. Timmy Green, an Australian restaurant with delicious and lovingly plated food (located at Nova Food complex), prepares the breakfast.  We had croissants, orange juice and an amazing granola with blueberries, coconuts and others. Because each room features also a mini kitchen, we were able to prepare tea and Nespresso coffee by ourselves. With the great breakfast of Timmy Green, we had a great and healthy start into the day, what is of course important to discover all the exciting London life around…

Thanks, The Nadler Victoria Hotel for having us. It was a pleasure to collaborate with you!

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